A Partnership of Church & Community Schools

About Us

After many months of planning we were delighted to be formally authorised as a Multi Academy Trust on 1st August 2016. We’re excited about the opportunities this partnership will create to further raise aspirations, progress, and achievement - in its widest sense - for pupils at our schools.

I believe that good MATs are founded on shared values and a focus on school improvement; and we now have the chance through this larger learning community to further strengthen high quality teaching and learning; to improve even more outcomes for children in our schools; to offer colleagues more opportunities to share best practice and drive up standards; to share resources; to increase capacity; and to reach out to other schools in a spirit of co-operation. As a single academy Trust since 2011, Archbishop Holgate’s Academy has built increasingly close and productive relationships with the local authority and all schools in the Trust fully intend – and expect - this positive relationship to continue.

The role of the MAT Board is absolutely key to the effectiveness and strategic direction of the MAT, as are the school Governing Bodies to the individual school communities within the MAT. Directors and School Governors provide strategic leadership and accountability. However Pathfinder is not a centralising organisation. The Board believes that strength comes from the diversity of our schools (large and small, church and community, primary and secondary) and we have been careful to enshrine within the MAT the rights of all schools to maintain their current ethos and to ensure their history and local context will be fully respected; and for schools that are performing well we want to offer the maximum amount of earned autonomy to their governing bodies and leadership teams.

Great schools open doors for children into futures and opportunities they didn’t even dream existed. We look forward to creating and delivering “other tomorrows” for the school communities we serve.

I do hope that you find what you need from our website; do please get in touch if you have any further questions or feedback about the work of the Trust or its Academies.

John Hattam

Chairman of the Board,
Pathfinder Multi Academy Trust