A Partnership of Church & Community Schools

Claire Theyers (Values Lead)

Claire has been an active member of the Local Governing Committee at Hempland Primary School since 2012, sitting on both the Finance and Premises Committees. Claire was part of the original group set up to investigate and formalize the decision-making process to become an Academy School as part of a Multi Academy Trust and is committed to its success.

Claire is currently working to improve the IT and reading provision at Hempland Primary School. She is working with the Senior Leadership Team at Hempland to extend the provision of Chromebooks within Key Stage 2. Claire is also involved in a major upgrade of reading resources within the school, working with individual teachers to provide ‘magical and inspirational’ reading areas in each and every classroom.

Claire has over fifteen years’ experience as a Business Leader and Company Director, working nationally in both the technology and publishing business areas, and is also a Food and Nutrition Author, writing best-selling healthy cooking books published through HarperCollins and Orion.

As a Master of Mathematics, Claire is well-qualified to take on financial roles and her strong analytical and data skills complement the Board. She has worked as a Finance Director at two successful York businesses and understands educational finance well due to her time on the Finance & Staffing Committee at Hempland Primary School.

On a more personal note, Claire lives in York with her husband Andy, and spends more time than she should running after her three children. She also has a penchant for classic detective fiction, reflected in the output of her publishing company, Pepik Books.