A Partnership of Church & Community Schools

John Sharpe

John has run his own building and project management company for the last 15 years, having spent 12 years prior to that working in the Financial Services Sector. This has given him a grasp of strategic priorities, as well as experience in administration, recruitment, finance, and goal setting.

John is currently Chair of the Local Governing Committee at Badger Hill Primary School, having been a governor for 5 years in all. This has been an interesting period to say the least. He was involved in the initial negotiations for the founding of the Pathfinder MAT, and more recently led the recruitment for a new Head Teacher.

John is the son of a head teacher, and has always taken a strong lay interest in education in all its forms. Central to his hopes for pupils is the idea that they leave school as complete people, socially, emotionally, physically, academically, and morally. John has spent a great deal of time participating in and observing school life in many settings in the last few years and has good insights into the challenges which face schools in a fast changing educational world.

As a churchgoer, a parent of 2 children, and the Chair at a community school, John saw how complementary to one another are the Christian vision and values of the MAT trustees, faith schools, and those of community schools within the MAT; and sees himself as an impartial interlocutor between those of faith and those of none. He feels a great sense of optimism about how Pathfinder MAT can be a beacon of tolerance and trust in a world which too often pitches the secular and religious worlds against one another and is proud to support that vision.

Finally he would also describe himself as a seeker after robust but honest consensus in dealings with people in all walks of life, which is crucial in the many challenges which are bound to emerge in the life of this MAT. This is a very exciting project, in an exciting city for education.