A Partnership of Church & Community Schools

Scheme of Delegation

Link to Scheme of Delegation document.

PMAT Organisation Structure

Effective governance is at the heart of any successful school, academy or multi-academy trust and we have worked hard to ensure that our model of governance will deliver this. The diagram below provides a summary of what governance looks like in our MAT but further details can be found within the scheme of delegation on the website (follow the link at the bottom of this page).

In short there are three levels: the Members of the Trust who have a wholly strategic view of the MAT, setting out the vision and values and ensuring they are adhered to.

The Trustees ensure the Trust delivers on its aims and provide support and challenge to individual schools. They have a key oversight role as well as being involved in the management and delivery of MAT services. Initially the MAT Board will be

10 with the potential to grow to 12. All appointees are based on skills but there must be a Foundation majority and a minimum 2 independent directors (not serving on any LGC).

The final group are the Local Governing Committees who are focused on the interests of the individual academy and include parental and staff representatives.

At Pathfinder we also have an important additional group within the structure which is not part of the governance; the Headteacher Group. Described on the next page we believe that this group which meet weekly will ensure that as the Trust grows all schools feel fully included.