A Partnership of Church & Community Schools

Statement of Principles

All Pathfinder Multi Academy Trust schools commit to the same principles of working. These principles are covered in the document 'Statement of Principles'.

This shared and agreed set of non-negotiables has been developed with all Heads and will remain under regular review as the Pathfinder Multi Academy Trust grows.

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It is important that all prospective members of the Pathfinder Multi Academy Trust are clear about

the ‘non negotiables’ that underpin the work we do. Much of this links very closely to the Thursday

meetings of the Headteacher group.


  • To demonstrably support the shared vision and values of the MAT


  • Have regard to and action the provisions of the Memorandum and Articles of Association


  • Have regard to and action the provisions of the Scheme of Delegation


  • The MAT structures that have been established to support all schools


  • That whilst the MAT does have an Executive Headteacher we work on the principle that atthe Heads meeting we are all equal partners accountable and responsible to challenge and support each other.


  • Joint responsibilities to the improvement of all schools in the MAT


  • Fully support the work of the heads group; including weekly attendance, actions and deadlines


  • Complete transparency of all data including Raise, SEF, CPD,PM, etc


  • Willingness to work on the development of School on a Page


  • Adhere to MAT confidentiality and communication policy


  • A financial commitment of 3% for 2016 and 2017 and agreement that this will continue indefinitely at a rate not exceeding 5%.


  • Use of all corporate Pathfinder branding


  • Implementation of all policies/HR procedures/contracts as outlined in the Scheme of Delegation


  • Joint assessment practice across primary schools and shared transition work from Y5/6 to Y7


  • To produce a school report for each MAT board meeting


  • Be part of the shared responsibility to represent the MAT at all key CYC and National Meetings


  • School at risk: (irrespective of Ofsted category) ‐ Where school performance/outcomes are of concern, the headteacher will fully implement the action plans agreed collectively by the MAT Heads group.