A Partnership of Church & Community Schools

Working Together

Benefits of Working Together

The Pathfinder Multi Academy Trust is the result of the commitment of the four ‘founder’ schools working together at Headteacher and governor level to create a MAT structure that combines the desire for each school to be distinct and autonomous but also benefit from the sharing of key functions and processes. As a Trust we remain committed to valuing the differences in our schools and nurture and develop the unique elements that each school offers to the communities they serve. However undoubtedly there are certain functions in our schools that are better delivered centrally, leaving more time for school leaders to focus on standards within our classrooms.

School Improvement

The Pathfinder Multi Academy Trust is aware of the crucial need to impact on pupil outcomes to raise life changes for all within the community we serve. In addition to providing strategic support where underachievement is identified, the Trust looks carefully at all opportunities to develop staff to achieve their potential. In doing this the MAT aims to develop increasingly effective and bespoke CPD pathways for each individual member of staff within the MAT.

Teaching careers are developed through many different routes; training in alternative school settings, training from the teaching school, best practice ‘in own setting’ training sessions, coaching staff within the MAT, shadowing colleagues, participation in joint practice development. This process within the Trust is enhanced further by the close working relationship within the Pathfinder Teaching School.

Relevant CPD is sourced and developed to meet the needs of the staff. Professional development opportunities use best practice CPD cycles; research proven methodology, training and then in school practice. As a MAT each school is committed to developing a picture of the ‘ whole teacher’ that is based on all areas of practice. Staff should and do feel very much part of the process.

The MAT school improvement team are a mixture of heads and senior school leaders and are all committed to learning from best practice both locally and nationally. In addition the Trust will ensure consistency of standards through external quality assurance and independent monitoring and evaluation.